Backstage (2011)

DVD, 38'24"

Filmed inside an art gallery, Backstage is a collaboration between Radziszewski and a group of young men who responded to an ad soliciting their participation. During each casting session, Radziszewski questions his subjects on the topics of shame, exhibitionism and voyeurism. This work not only provides a reexamination of the art historical difference between appearing naked and posing nude but also examines how people rationalize being without clothes in an art venue versus a public space. To break down mental barriers and overcome embarrassment, Radziszewski asks his models to gradually take off their clothes over the course of the session, and to his surprise many are ready to engage willingly for the sake of art.

Director of Photography: Rafał Żurek
Editor: Marek Sobolewski
Sound: Kamil Radziszewski
Second Camera: Jacek Kędzierski

Produced by The Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary Art Gallery, Krakow

Installation view from the Body of Work exhibition at Splatterpool Artspace, New York, 2011