AIDS series (2012-ongoing)

(part of the Kisieland project)

series of paintings, acrylic on canvas; wallpaper, digital print, dimensions variable; graphics, screen print; posters, digital print

The reference to the "AIDS era" (1989-94) of General Idea (a collective formed in 1969 by AA Bronson, Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal), is the pretest to create a short circuit between their subversive practice and Radziszewski’s Kisieland project (2009 - ongoing), based on Ryszard Kisiel, a personality behind the first East-Central European gay-zine “Filo”, re-discovered by the artist. The snapshots from Kisiel’s archive, consisting of dozens of color slides, documenting photo shoots organized by Kisiel and his friends in a private apartment, are a rare testimony of the early AIDS years. These archival materials, a direct reaction to the Polish anti-gay militia campaign (“Hiacynt”) are juxtaposed to Radziszewski’s strategy of appropriation, displayed in form of multiples, prints, paintings, wallpaper, and other materials.